dream results
with a personal nutritionist!
...helps you reach weight-loss goals without refusing from your favorite foods
...develops a nutrition plan accounting for your physiological and psychological nuances
...ensures long-term transformation of your eating habits for the rest of your life
...keeps you motivated and supports you on all steps of the journey
How does it work?
  • Fill in the information form with your body parameters, health details and goals
  • Take a starting 45-minute consultation
    • get a starting nutrition plan: calories, proteins-fats-carbs, recommendations on particular foods
    • if necessary you will also receive recommendation on medical tests
    • discuss the further action plan with your new personal nutritionist
You can reach a variety of goals at these consultations!
Adjust your weight: lose weight/ gain beautiful forms
Discuss your specific medical concerns and recommend nutriceuticals
Increase your energy and get rid of constant fatigue
Improve quality of skin a hair
  • You start tracking your food in a special app
    ...and then every week have a 30-minute consultation with your nutritionist
    • based on tracker-app data you discuss your choice of products, foods and results of following your nutrition plan
    • depending on your wins, failures or personal requests you receive recommendations and adjustments to the nutrition plan*
    • get scientific-based knowledge about nutrition that are super relevant for you
    • ask any kind of questions
  • Every 2-3 weeks the nutritionist will adjust your nutrition plan based on your results, supports and helps you stay on the right track*
    *for example you can start your nutrition plan in January and then adjust it for Ramadan and then EID
You will have a professional personal nutritionist at your disposal
Leading Nutritionist
  • PhD in Medical Sciences
  • Certified nutritionist
  • Tania K.
    PhD in Medical Sciences
    Certified nutritionist
You will also get scientific knowledge that will allow you to build your nutrition in the most efficient and pleasurable way!
How to trick your body when you are hungry
Super-Foods and Anti-Foods: which products are a must in your diet and which ones are harmful
How to ensure high quality sleep, fall asleep faster and recover efficiently
How to build your nutrition accounting for insuline cycles
How to get rid of swelling on the face
How caffeine, alcohol, smoothies and other liquids influence the body
Which vitamins and supplements are worth it and how to use them correctly
... and much more!
This time you won't just try to eat healthy...
You will integrate efficient nutrition in your life and reach your dreams!
This time you won't just try to eat healthy...
You will integrate efficient nutrition in your life and reach your dreams!
Leading Nutritionist
Tania K.
Leading Nutritionist
Tania K.
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